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Empower Youth and Women

Empowering the youth and women by training and leasing equipment and stock for monthly black soldier fly larvae simple production and sales.

Sustainable Business

Responsibly buying the larvae and organic waste produced by our registered farmers, adding value and taking the products to the market.

Affordable Proteins

Later, promotion of fair competition through linking the farmers to the markets through electronic auctions.

Our Business Process


Identify, recruit and onboard a woman or young farmer with an economic quantity organic waste stream


We provide you with low cost optimized larval farming equipment, young larvae and rearing support through a 12-20day growing cycle to harvesting


Buy the larvae at mutually sustainable price


Add value and take the produce to the market.

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Affordable proteins and organic manure by nature and people

Soldier Fly Diverse is a technology and marketing platform that specializes in providing affordable and sustainable protein solutions to farmers in the poultry, pig, and aquaculture industries, as well as organic manure for crop farmers. The company achieves this by harnessing the power of black soldier fly larvae farming, value addition, and market linkage, while also promoting decentralized organic waste management through youth and women empowerment.


We will be Africa’s largest protein marketing agency this decade through decentralized cooperative upcycling of waste and regenerative farming

Target Market

Soldier Fly Diverse targets farmers in the poultry, pig, and aquaculture industries who are looking for affordable and sustainable protein solutions. The company also targets crop farmers who are looking for organic manure to boost their crop yields. Additionally, the platform targets youth and women who are interested in farming and value addition as a source of income, as well as organizations that generate organic waste, such as hotels and restaurants.

How to get set up

How to a Black Soldier Fly rearing unit

  • Secure regular supply of organic waste of 120 kilograms per month
  • Order our 10Kg larval output per cycle starter Kit, inclusive of rearing training
  • Get the benefits of rearing within a month

How to a Black Soldier Fly breeding unit

  • Order our rearing Starter Kit
  • Successfully produce 10kg of healthy larvae per cycle with the starter kit
  • Order our breeding starter kit inclusive of training
  • Start breeding

Our Partners

Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development

Youthful and Women Black Soldier Fly Farmers

Our Team

Message from the CEO

I am proud to say that we are committed to addressing the urgent issues facing our planet today. One of these issues is the growing problem of organic waste and its impact on our environment, food security, and soil health.

We believe that the power to solve this problem lies in the hands of our youth and women, who are the future leaders of our communities. Through short cycle black soldier fly larvae farming we are empowering them with the knowledge and tools to implement decentralized waste management solutions. Black soldier fly larvae as a protein-rich food source. By utilizing these larvae to break down organic waste, we can not only reduce the amount of waste going to landfills but also create a valuable resource for animal feed and fertilizer., we can create a more sustainable and resilient future for us all.

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